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Personality Traits!


Who am I?  Such a basic question that takes a life time to discover. One thing I realized is that often times I based who I was on the people of the things that I have been around. I have always been a people pleaser. I always have had a heavy heart for others a trait that I know I defiantly inherited from my mother. They way I have always seen myself is much like how others have portrayed me. This is a very dangerous way of seeing yourself because often times the portrayal of what other view I am can conflict from person to person. As a teen I had a hard time understanding this and subsequently it created two traits that I don’t believe I could have developed any other way. The first is drive. Because of where I come from I have been often told what I can’t do or what I can’t accomplish. This has created an unstoppable drive in me that has motivated me to never give up on myself. The other trait is humility. I have been able to take what others say to me and examine myself. This has given me the opportunity to asses my flaws and correct them. For example, I had a terrible attitude. No matter where I went people would say that I had a bad attitude but it didn’t change until I humbled myself and look at the validity in what they were all saying. You know everyone can’t be wrong. So when I realized that my attitude was the problem it humbled me and my drive kicked in for me to change this problem. Although I might not know exactly who I am or what I will be I know this one thing is true you are the sum of your choices and your surroundings will affect that sum.



*Photo Taken by Henry Chaney


I Guess I am My Hair

I chose to go back to relaxed hair because my natural hair no longer served its purpose. When I went natural I did it for several reasons but to encompass them all it had a lot to do with not knowing who I was. I was trying to find myself. I grew up with two older sisters and three brothers and let’s just say I was the roughest of the bunch. I was a certified tomboy. I was the darkest of all the girls and yes it created a complex. If anyone can remember growing up in the 90’s it was in to be light skinned. Clearly I wasn’t in. my older sisters as well as my mother are light skinned women, or as some may put it “red bones”. Growing up I had a hard time identifying with my beauty as a caramel skinned African-American woman. I went through several phases as a young girl, due to other things that we will get to in the future, and in each phase I remember them all being an attempt for me to define who I am. This last phase, the past four years of being natural, has finally put me on the page of understanding what it was that I was unconsciously doing. My emotions are mixed because it’s almost like I’m stepping into a new world however I have been there before.  I am excited about the journey that I am about to take tomorrow and I hope that each day helps me learn more and more about who I am.