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SPEAK FARRAKHAN!!! I am so proud of Minister Farrakhan in this clip. This is very important for people to understand the MEDIA is TAINTED!!!! It’s sad because the Media serves as the eyes for America. With all of these media channels being bought out by lobbyist and government it’s like there is fun house glasses put on the eyes of America. The vision of the world we live in is completely distorted due to the lack of a free press!!!!!!

What do you think?


Rise of the Apes

So I saw the movie Rise of the apes and I really related to it. It’s so crazy the lesions that are learned in that movie. It showed the destruction of greed with the African men at the beginning of the movie catching the free apes to sale them for experimentation. It then showed the inhumanity of the researchers to the affects their product may have on the apes as well as their family members. I like the fact that it showed that even those who are supposedly protectors of the apes where corrupt showing that no human is perfect.  I learned in this movie to look at all sides of the spectrum before making a judgment and often times we tend to do that.  What do you think?